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Car Buying in the Palm of Your Hand | 0:15

Car Buying in the Palm of Your Hand | 0:15

Save time at the dealership when you start your deal online. Accelerate your deal and take control of your car purchase with this all-new tool on Autotrader. Imagine if buying your next car took less time — Autotrader is making it a reality with the national launch of a revolutionary new way to experience the car buying process for consumers. The typical car buyer in the U.S. spends more than three hours in the dealership from start to finish, and for half of new-car buyers in America, that's entirely too long. Accelerating your deal on Autotrader helps make car buying faster, easier and more enjoyable, and most importantly, can save consumers up to an hour at the dealership, thanks to a simple, more dynamic and integrated online experience. Compare cars, read reviews and find deals at SUBSCRIBE: Connect with Autotrader: Facebook: Twitter: Google+: Instagram: Pinterest: About Autotrader: Our mission at Autotrader is to be your ultimate online solution for buying and selling new, certified and used cars. Not sure which type of car you want? That's okay. lets you research and compare cars by searching for body type, mileage, price and numerous other criteria. [Car Buying in the Palm of Your Hand]
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Sperlari - Credit Agenzia: Leo Burnett Cliente:                                                Sperlari Ceo: Piergiorgio Burei Direttore Marketing: Michela Caone Agenzia:                                             Leo Burnett Direttori creativi Esecutivi:         Selmi Barissever – Lorenzo Crespi – Alessandro Antonini Senior Copywriter:                         Alejandra Gumucio Urquidi Art Director:                                      Ilaria Biani Account Manager:                          Francesca Nava Head of tv Milano e Roma:         Raffaella Scarpetti Tv Producer Coordinator:            Federica Manera Tv Producer (Post):                        Alice Vianello Produzione:                                      The Family Regia:                                                 Adriano Falconi DOP:                                                   Patrick Fraser Regia-DOP food:                             Roberto Calvi Executive Producer:                       Stefano Quaglia Producer:                                           Tommaso Haimann Assistent Producer:                       Veronica Pegoraro Producer (Post):                              Barbara Calicchio Editor:                                                 Nicola Mucelli Post Video:                                        eXchanges vfx Colorist:                                              Daniel Pallucca Post Audio:                                       Screenplay Spk Istituzionale:                             Giuseppe Russo Musica originale:                            Flavio Ibba
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